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Nerves of Iron.

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((Courtney Crumrin and all images, unless specified otherwise, are copyright Ted Naifeh. This is a roleplay journal created purely for entertainment purposes.))

This version of Courtney has been played in a panfandom setting for 4 years now, so canon has sort of flown out the window. I try to do a good job with her and keep her personality close to the comics, but roleplay will change a character. I love her canon just as much now as when I started playing her.

Gender: Female
Age: 20 (April 13 birthday arbitrarily chosen by player)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Nowhere near enough.
Appearance: Short platinum-blonde hair with a small streak of white, piercing dark eyes, and an underfed figure that makes her look a couple years younger than she actually is. Rarely seen without a bat-shaped barrette in her hair, usually wears a striped shirt and stockings under a black jumper with inordinately large buttons.
Personality: Alternates between insecure child and sullen, bitter teenager. Not really a joy to be around, unless she has an established relationship with you, but she does genuinely care about people.
Family: Lives with her parents, who are airheads and pay little attention to her, and her uncle Aloysius Crumrin, whose personality is similar to her own. She and her uncle have a very strong, if somewhat mercurial, bond.
Abilities, quirks: Courtney's a witch with an incredibly high power level for her age, but not so much control or skill (she's working on it). She has a fascination with non-human things and an ability to accept them at face value, even the vile, baby-eating sort. Her curiosity, sense of mischief, and compulsion to go it alone get her into trouble on a regular basis.
Also she hates weenci-brand anything, and the color pink. Carnation pink more so than hot pink, but anything in the pink family is dubious as far as she's concerned. She refuses to eat mushrooms, because she's used them for too many of her own spells. She isn't an animal person, and dislikes dogs, but is somewhat partial to cats, especially her own familiar, Fisher.

And she DOES, in fact, HAVE A NOSE.

((Any questions? Feel free to AIM or e-mail me. As of this writing, I haven't actually RPed on AIM, so I assume OOC.

Friending policy: If you friend me out of the blue and I don't know who the heck you are, I will scratch my head and ignore it. If your pup has RPed in at least one thread with Courtney and friends this journal, I will probably friend him/her back. If that pup then doesn't update or show up in one of the RP communities I frequent for several months, I will probably de-friend them. It's totally not anything personal.))

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