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The Breath of Night

The moon rises. The red cubs rolling
In the ferns by the rotten oak
Stare over a marsh and a meadow
To the farm's white wisp of smoke.
A spark burns, high in heaven.
Deer thread the blossoming rows
Of the old orchard, rabbits
Hop by the well-curb. The cock crows
From the tree by the widow's walk;
Two stars in the trees to the west,
Are snared, and an owl's soft cry
Runs like a breath through the forest.
Here too, though death is hushed, though joy
Obscures, like night, their wars,
The beings of this world are swept
By the Strife that moves the stars.

-Randall Jarrell

Jan. 30th, 2010

Okay, this is going around. Leave a comment with one of these characteristics as related to one of my characters (Courtney, Fiver, Charlotte, Gibbs, John) and I will write a drabble for it. As an added bonus, if you want me to include one of your characters, just ask. ;)

1. Playful!
2. Murderous!
3. Flailing!
4. Incarcerated!
5. Deviant!
6. Ill!
7. Intoxicated!
8. Wildly Inappropriate!
9. Eloquent!
10. Cooking!
11. Over-protective!
12. Wanker!
13. Silly!
14. Romantic!
15. Silent-Treatment!
16. Bedtime!
17. Jealous!
18. Inquisitive!
19. Confused!
20. Sexy!
21. Angry!
22. Dorky!
23. Working!
24. Needs-a-Hug!
25. Choose-your-own!

Jan. 13th, 2010

There were human footprints around the outside of our wards this morning. I got suspicious, so I did a tracing spell. They were Marshall Phelps' tracks. Dunno what that's all about. Casing the joint?

I don't like it. If anyone wants to visit me in the next couple weeks, let me know beforehand and I'll give you a PINpoint location in the woods. If the Coven's already suspicious, seeing someone appear randomly in our yard is probably not good.

That goes double for you, Thorn. I don't want them deciding you're a person of interest.

Comparative Magic

I'm working on a big, big paper on comparative magic. There are different methods and religious connotations within my own dimension, and across dimensions there's even more material. So I could probably write a whole freaking book about it, but we'll see where things go with the term paper. I've got plenty of stuff on Hermetic magic and a little on Voodou and nagualism. I was wondering if I could talk to you about some Eastern traditions, Shadow? When you get a chance.

Also, I'm going to be doing some dimensional traveling, and Uncle A doesn't want me going all over the multiverse alone. Thorn's kind of busy helping Arlen, so if anyone reading this wants to investigate stuff with me, drop me a line.

The Tree Test. Stolen from various people.

You Are Happy and Serene
You are an empathetic, understanding person. You listen carefully and without judgment.
You believe everyone has their own path in life. You are very accepting.

You don't get stressed out or worried easily. You are usually in a very relaxed state.
You aren't much of a party animal or a social butterfly. However, you are usually having a good time in your own way.

Happy and Serene? I dunno about this one, guys.

OOC meme...'cause everyone's doing it.

Select a character I RP or write and I will answer the following 12 questions for you.

01. What would your character die for?
02. What would they refuse to do under any circumstances?
03. What do they dream about?
04. What single object would they be most hard pressed to part with? Why?
05. What is their fondest memory?
06. What is their worst memory?
07. What or who was/were their most significant influence(s)?
08. What would be their biggest nightmare?
09. What makes them laugh?
10. Who is the most important person in their life?
11. Is your character a virgin? If not, who was their first?
12. Ask whatever question you want!

So, I'm back...

For those of you who don't already know: I was, essentially, abducted by aliens. I've spent the last few days in a pocket dimension on a space station, thinking I was someone else. I'm fine, but there are still others trapped there, and we don't know what happened to one of the guys I was escaping with.

I'm a little creeped out by what they did to me.

I don't know how many people they took. I hope everyone else gets back safely.

OOC Meme

Comment here with your character's name for a big appropriate-sized block of text about how mine feels regarding yours.

And by "mine", feel free to pick any of my characters: Courtney, Charlotte, Fiver, John Murdoch, Anna Murdoch, Bardha sul Ikrame, or Cornelius Gibbs.
Courtney's gone.

Her bed has been slept in, and Fisher is undisturbed on her pillow, but she is not present. Her moonstone brooch, her backpack, her sword and her bat barette all lie neatly in their places around her room. She rarely goes anywhere without them. Her PINpoint, too, sits in its place on her vanity.

She has left no note, either on her journal or on paper.

It's not unusual for her to vanish, but usually she leaves more of a trace than this.

OOC meme

I've given my characters a healthy dose of Veritaserum and now they have to tell the truth. What does this mean for you? Ask my characters questions about anything and everything and they will truthfully answer it. So, go ahead and ask what you want. They can't beat around the bush with half-truths.

Feel free to ask questions of any of my characters...off the top of my head they are Courtney, Fiver, Cornelius Gibbs, Charlotte Hancock, Bardha sul Ikrame, John Murdoch and his now-wife Anna Murdoch...and I think that maybe be it for the more active ones.